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The Everyday Hope Project

We are now accepting applications for the Everyday Hope Project. This is an opportunity for South Siders to become "everyday missionaries" throughout Springfield. You have the chance to request up to $250 to meet a physical need of someone in our community. 

Click here to apply for 2018 funds.

Take a look at the unique ways that Everyday Hope funds were used in 2017:

Thank you South Side. You touched two families with your most welcomed thoughtful expression of love. Mine and my friend's family. They are so appreciative of your gift. Warms our hearts that people care so much to help those in their time of need. Blessings to you South Side. And once again Thank you!!

The experience of helping out a co-worker of mine was really great. His wife just recently lost her job and they were struggling to pay for necessities. He said he was about $200 short on rent. When he opened the envelope and saw that $250, he just started bawling. He was very grateful and thanked me and the church for being such a blessing. He told me he had never received such generosity before.

My neighbor runs a daycare out of her home. She has a majority of low-income clients. She pays out of her pocket to help them where she can by reducing her rates, no-charge meals, etc. The Everyday Hope funds allow her to assist these small children by providing coats, gloves, shoes, etc. during the winter season. She sends her thanks and prayers and thanks South Side for reaching out to share in her mission.

It was nice to help this family who had taken in children as an emergency foster care placement so the siblings could stay together. The mother shared how hard it has been because due to the situation they aren’t getting any additional support from the state. She was very appreciative.

My co-worker was appreciative of the gift. He said he felt there were people that needed it more than him. I responded that there would always be someone who might need it more.

My friend was very appreciative and touched at the generosity of our church family. She plans on using the money to buy shoes for her three children and a few Christmas gifts for them, as well.

I had requested the money for a family that had lost their father/husband.  They were so thankful for the gift as they try to get used to not having him around. His mother said that she was so humbled by the many gifts they had received and that a church they had never been to or heard of would give a gift to them like this.

I requested this money for my daughter-in-law who is trying to take care of her two granddaughters, my great granddaughters. She sends the oldest to Springfield Christian school and pays for all of their daily living expenses. It’s funny how God works. The day that I was going to give her the money I picked up my great granddaughter from school and brought her back to my house for a visit. She said, "don’t tell grandma I told you but she’s going to have to tell Papa tonight that she doesn’t have any money." When my daughter-in-law got to the house I took her in the kitchen and I explained about the Everyday Hope program and thought that she might be able to use some help. Her face lit up like you could not imagine and she was going to go buy some diapers first. I didn’t realize they were that broke. This program has helped in ways that nobody expects thank you.  

Thank you for your gift of $250 from your Everyday Hope Project. These funds went toward paying off two patients balances. Both of these patients were very grateful to receive this gift. One of these patient even stated that she had been avoiding any further treatment, because she felt bad that she could not afford it. She is now back on our schedule to continue her treatment.

I delivered the Everyday Hope gift and I told her that God had placed her on my heart and that I wanted her to know that she was special and she wasn’t without hope. She broke down and cried and said make sure you tell the people from your church I said thank you. Then I read this on Facebook, “I know I’ve said this many times but it’s a true pleasure and blessing to have the clients I have. Thank you for blessing me with your presence today and truly lifting me up! It meant the world to me.”

We selected my friend and co-worker as the recipient of the Everyday Hope project. Whenever we can we try to share the Gospel with him he's skeptical to commit to Christ. He's been struggling with medical condition for about 4 months now. Ever since he was admitted in the hospital back in early August, we kept praying for him and let him know that. We had been offering to get groceries, run errands for him etc. However he always declined the offers as he kept saying we already do enough, but in reality he does not like to "be a bother". We wrote a note to him and attached it to the Everyday Hope envelope from South Side. I took the envelope to him at work. He took the envelope and said, "thank you... I will have to bring you guys a thank you card". As he continued opening the envelope, he saw the $250 and our hand written note that had the Scripture James 2, 2:14 "FAITH WITHOUT GOOD DEEDS IS DEAD". He became silent & emotional... He could only say "thank you very much".

God used this experience which would be defined as a bust or a failure by most, as an experience to work on me. My student had reported and the mom had confirmed that she had just been diagnosed with cancer. I decided to get gift cards to help. When given the card, there was barely a reaction. The card was not opened and a quick dismissive thank you was given. At first I was angry and questioned if I had been had. I felt bad that I possibly just “wasted” the church’s money and felt foolish with it all. I prayed that maybe I would get a bigger thank you from my student or the mom the following day. But that never came. All of this made me realize that God was calling out that even though I wanted good for the family, I was still selfish in my desires for wanting a reaction. I now realize that my prayer needs to change and simply pray that His Will would be done in this situation, even though I may never know the result.

When I saw my coworker come into work I could tell that he was a little down. After giving him the Everyday Hope project gift it was like a light switch was flipped and his mood immediately changed . He was very thankful.

The money was divided between 2 single mothers. Both were very surprised and grateful.

Our small group was able to provide moving assistance to a young couple, not members of South Side, through use of our own vehicles along with us renting a 10 foot U-Haul van.  This couple had many toys, furniture, appliances and clothing packed in a storage unit located in Jacksonville, IL.  We made two trips to Jacksonville to fully unload that storage unit.  We transported and unloaded the items at their home in Jerome.  Without our assistance they would not have been able to rent a U-Haul nor to hire any movers.

Great opportunity to give assistance to a widow needing funds to renew her vehicle registration. Now she is able to resume some normal activities with her car.

The experience was wonderful. I'm so glad I was able to do participate in this. I have never done the Everyday Hope project before. It will help the person I gave the money to with medical expenses and he was very appreciative.

The Everyday Hope funds I requested were given to a young couple I know who are in their 20's. They have two daughters, age 7 and 2. They have been without a working vehicle for about a month. They knew if they put income towards car repair, their girls weren't going to have a Christmas. When I presented them with the money from this program, they both started crying. They asked me to please let the church know how grateful they are for bringing them hope. They were looking forward to ordering the parts for their her Dad could start the repairs. They have been relying on other family members for transportation to and from work. She is a waitress and he is a cook in the restaurant where they are both employed. The husband asked me to share that he grew up in a home where they could never afford to have a Christmas. He and his wife both work hard now, but they still struggle to make ends meet. It seems the unexpected events of life always catch them off guard. They didn't know how they were going to provide a Christmas this year. They were both, clearly moved by the blessing they received. That was evident in their tears and the amount of emotion displayed. Thank you, South Side Christian Church. The Everyday Hope program helped bless this family SO much more than I could have, on my own. God Bless!

Thanks South Side for helping us to help others. There were smiles, tears and a Mom who can provide for her family because of your generosity.  

My neighbor is a single mother of 3 boys. She recently started a new job only to be diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months later. She had surgery a few days ago and doesn’t have enough paid time off at work to cover her time off. Having been in a situation very similar to hers just 1 year ago, I know how much the generosity of others means and how much it helped. At a time like this, I wanted her to be able to concentrate on getting better and not worry so much about how she’ll get her bills paid. Thank you South Side for your generosity.  

Thank You Notes Received by Recipients

Thank you so much for your generosity this Holiday Season.  It means so much to me to go into winter with all my utility bills caught up and a new coat.  May God smile on you and yours. 

A heartfelt thank you for the generous gift.  Everyone has been so kind to our family since the passing of my husband.  We are taking one day at a time, leaning on our Lord for comfort and guidance and are encouraged by people like you.  Thank you again as you continue to do His work here on Earth.

Thank you for your generosity in helping through a tough time with monetary donations.  We appreciate all that you do for our community.  It is a great service you are offering to reach out to those in need.  Thank you for considering these unique individuals during their time of need.  

Thanks to the church for the monetary gift.  It was greatly appreciated.  God is good and I know He will bless your church.  God Bless you all. 

We would like to thank you very much for the generous gift.  It was very much needed and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus.


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