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The Everyday Hope Project

All the 2018 Everyday Hope Funds have been dispersed. Take a look at some of these stories of this fall's impact...

Take a look at the unique ways that Everyday Hope funds were used this year:

All I have to say is WOW!! I feel so blessed to worship with a body of believers that wants to love on other people. I gave the money to a woman I know that had both her washer/dryer conk out on her about 2 weeks ago. She had never in her life had someone love on her like that. She ended up crying, I was crying, then she shared information with her daughter and she was crying. Please pray that she can continue to see God’s love in her life.

My friend so appreciated the most generous gift. It brought tears to her eyes, she is so very grateful. This will help her get the foot surgery she desperately needs.

Asked for and received funds to assist a young couple with the final arrangements for the husband's mother. This couple was extremely thankful for this assistance as they were not sure how they would cover all the expenses as there was no insurance available.

For me the experience started with the email the funds are available for pick up. I’m a fixer and my sisters current trials I can’t fix. I felt helpless and it broke my heart. So I cried and thanked God and picked up the envelope. Then while outside walking her dog I handed it to her. After tears I got questions. What is this church? So I got to share my faith and a sermon from the website. I didn’t just give cash I gave hope and for that I am grateful.

My co-worker was close to tears when I told her that my church wanted to help her with her childcare bills. She said, "Thank you! Tell them we're very grateful."

A friend of ours has a sister who was diagnosed 1 yr ago with leukemia. She has had a very difficult year and has been unable to work. Recently she was in remission and our friend was getting ready to be a bone marrow/stem cell donor for her. She went for her preliminary lab work and found out she was no longer in remission. She just completed more chemotherapy and radiation. When we told our friend about the $250, he said, "That is so amazing. She has been through the worst time with this cancer. She's a huge part of my world and it hurts to see her battling this. Thank you so much for praying with us all, it helps a ton. God bless you and everyone at the church.

I presented the funds to my son, explaining to him that I wanted him to know that God still is reaching out to him thru the people of South Side. I explained the funds were for new glasses and a new pair of shoes. He was excited about both. He said "thank you" looking down at the floor. We pick up his new glasses in about 10 days. He has not decided on the shoes yet. I will have a chance again to remind him and will invite him to come again.

 I explained to my brother-in-law the Everyday Hope program our church does and gave him the envelope. He said they didn’t have to do that and said you can give them “this” as he gave me a big hug. He was touched.

My neighbor's sister's furnace and water heater both went out recently so I asked for $250 from the Everyday Hope Project.  My neighbor asked her sister to stop by after work. I was already there when she arrived so I asked her to sit down by me on the sofa. I asked about the furnace and water heater.  Then I explained that my church has a hope project for people who don't attend our church. She started to cry when I told her and so did I. Her sister was right there with tissues!  She hugged me several times and thanked me. I told her not to thank me but to thank the Lord and South Side. She has since told me she had found a water heater for a little over $300 and was using the money to purchase it.  Thank you so very much, South Side, for making a hard time easier this lady.

It was an amazing experience. The family who received our Everyday Hope envelope were extremely grateful for the gift and were excited that we were able to extend their meal train for an extra 2 weeks.

God's blessings -in a practical way- came upon two persons we know.

1.- Our neighbor who is disabled and on a fixed income had furnace issues; her heater broke and we were able to have an HVAC come right away and it was fixed.

2.- A 16 year old female student who we know, got pregnant a few months ago. Soon to deliver her baby, thanks to SSCC Everyday Hope project, we are able to show Christ's love by providing a large case of Diapers, baby's toiletries and other items she was lacking of.

I am so thankful for the Everyday Hope. I was able to help a friend of mine with the Everyday Hope. She had lost her job and didn't know how she was going to make the bills. When she opened the gift she was in shock!!! She kept saying I told her it was from our church. She just kept saying I don't believe it. She was definitely GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to say THANK YOU FROM BOTH OF US!!!!!!

I'd requested the money to help my neighbor who offers day care at a reduced cost to help those in need. She regularly pays out of her own pocket to give a child new shoes or a coat. I gifted her last year and she bought coats, gloves and scarves for 3 small children from the same family. This year she said all of her clients were still in good shape with coats and gloves. She asked if she could give it to a single mother - her neighbor - who just found out her son has cancer in the same week she lost her job due to a store closing. I told her we gave it to her to use where she felt it could do the most benefit. She passed it on and the family was extremely grateful for the assistance.

I was able to give the money to my friend who is battling breast cancer.  Her spouse has also been recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer which has spread to his brain and his bones.  My friend and her husband shed tears when they opened the envelope and asked that I let South Side know how grateful they were.  Thank you for the opportunity to help my friend and her husband with this gesture.  

I shared the Everyday Hope Experience with a family from my school. This family has been homeless since school started. The oldest daughter is my student and she has 4 younger siblings ranging age from 10 years-3 weeks. (The 3 year old has spina bifida.)This family has been living in a shelter and is currently looking to get into an apartment within the next few weeks. When mom came to the school to pick up the monetary gift, she brought the whole crew. The kids were thrilled when the cafeteria worker brought in soup for them to eat, they were even excited about the crackers. Mom was very appreciative of the gift and said that it would definitely help get them into their apartment quicker.

The Everyday Hope money helped a close friend in need with her children. She started a new job as well, so continued prayer is appreciated!

The money helped pay for at least half of the recipients’ medical bill for her miscarriage. She and her sister both cried and expressed how sweet it was that our church gives money for those in need.

I am 100% completely honored and proud to be a member of this church. This was my first experience asking for money from the Everyday Hope project. The money I requested was provided to a family that I hold very dear in my heart. They had lost their home in the fire and our church graciously provided $250 toward their cars. Unfortunately, I never even got a thank you. This is been wearing on my heart for a few weeks now, as I am not sure whether I want to approach the situation or not. It doesn’t make me question my decision. I know the money was put to good use. It just hurts when you do something nice for friends and you don’t even get a thank you. I never expect anything in return when I do kind things, but thank yous are always appreciated!

The student I have the money to said "Thank you. I can get my phone turned back on". Unfortunately, her attendance at school has not been good so I have been unable to follow up except for the day I gave it to her.

Thank you so much for helping my daughter out. It helped to get back and forth on job interviews and to finally got a job and to school.

She was very appreciative of the Everyday Hope money. With the holiday season approaching and with her family living out of town tires were much needed. She also uses her own car for many deliveries for Compass and to transport children back and forth to and from school and home. The money came at a such wonderful time and she is forever grateful for the support she has been given.

We used the Everyday Hope funds to help with medication expenses for one of our elementary students. His family often struggles to administer the medication consistently because of the expense, which then affects his behavior at school. His mother and his teachers were very, very grateful when we shared the news. The family has now decided to stop rationing his medicine, since South Side's funds have created stability for them. Thank you, Church!

Thank you so much for making this gift available to this mother of two who recently lost her husband. They are very appreciative of the help.

They were very appreciative of this gift. She has stage 2 breast cancer so are going thru a difficult time. Thank you for allowing my being able to help someone during this wonderful time of the year to bring joy to someone with this gift from South Side.

My Everyday Hope experience is priceless. She was very surprised about the gift. Even though she was mourning the passing of her husband she said that the gift made her realize that there is hope and people still care. She was so touched that a church that she is a non-member cares about the community to give her such a gift. She was very grateful and appreciated the love shown to her. Her experience makes me proud to be a member of this great church that has great concerns not just for its members but the community and the world as a whole.

Thank You Notes Received by Recipients

Thank you so much for this kind gift.  It really lifted a big stress off of me for the upcoming holidays.  I am forever grateful for this kind thoughtfulness.  Thank you!

Thank you all so much, it couldn't have come at a better time.  God Bless you all! 

I am very thankful for getting help.  I hope I can return the favor.  I will always be thankful to you for the care and companion! 

Thank you for your gift towards the funeral.  Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.  

Your most generous Everyday Hope gift was very appreciated.  I have had this foot problem for 34 years.  Now I have the money to fix the problem.  May God Bless!  

We were surprised and truly blessed by the generous gift of money that you gave.  It was brought by and we were told about your ministry.  God has touched us and provided for our needs through you! God Bless in Christ.  

Thank you so much for helping me through this program.  This will help with my utility bill while I have to be off for open heart surgery.  My daughter and I are so very blessed.  

I wanted to say thank you so very much for the huge role you played in me receiving that gift from South Side.  While the money has been extraordinarily helpful, the acknowledgement was even more so.  The timing was perfect beyond what you could know and you so deeply touched and helped me.  I can't thank you enough.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  


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